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B R A N D. 

Ginger and Pearl jewelry is the fulfillment of a life long passion of mine for creating beauty through hand-craftsmanship of dainty wares. My work features hammered and hand shaped precious metals adorned with custom colored and shaped clay pieces, and finely sourced gemstones. My intent is to create elements that are bold and attractive, simple and beautiful. My jewelry is designed for the customer who loves simple everyday pieces as well as those who like modern statement pieces. Ginger and Pearl is dedicated to providing quality and affordable jewelry for the everyday style-savvy customer. Every item is intended to complement the natural elegance of a woman without overpowering her feminine grace.







Handcrafted in Johnson City, Tennessee


W O R K M A N S H I P.

Each and every detail of Ginger and Pearl’s line is carefully thought out and tailored by my hands. My process always begins with quality raw materials that I cut, blend, shape, hammer and assemble at my in home studio. Every single piece of jewelry is exclusively made and designed by me and is inspired by the seasonal changes of both the natural world and fashion movements.


Ginger & Pearl is honored to support the Archibald Project, a non-profit orphan advocacy that works to restore the lives of children with fractured backgrounds and place them in loving homes. As a member of a family with four adopted children, this cause is near and dear to my heart, and is one I am passionate in supporting. 

The Archibald Project                                                                                                         

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